Music freak. Fangirling level:Infinity. Imagination Expert. Zombie Enthusiast. Band dudes are the real hotties so stfu mate.
Finally meet this little puffy :3 at Legenda Wisata Zona Vivaldi – View on Path.

Banyak durian 😁 – at VÍla Bogor Indah – See on Path.

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Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. I can’t fear death no longer, I’ve death a thousand times. Why explore the universe, when we don’t know ourselves? There’s an emptiness inside our heads that no one dares to dwell 😣 – Preview it on Path.

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Guess who give respond to my snapchat?? Timo aka Lordboner is the guy :3 totally made my day!! Glad you like my messy doodle XD Love you guys lots xoxoxo @foreverincombat – View on Path.

– View on Path.

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Siapapun besok main huft u,u – Read on Path.

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Menemani ibunda meeting yang menyebabkan naiknya berat badan πŸ˜’ – at J.Co Donuts & Coffee – See on Path.

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Hope I can sleep peacefully πŸ˜• – View on Path.

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Manusia edisi terkadang T_T Libur 2 bulan macam libur abadi bangganya u,u #terkadang – View on Path.
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